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Track Engineering Ltd

Bristol based Track Engineering and Railway Company staffed and managed by very experienced and practical Railway Engineers.

We are that good at what we do, you will save more money than the cost of our fees and we are determined to help the success of your Company.

The work we do is based on traditional and proven railway engineering principles, allied to the best of today's technology.

History & Ethos

Track Engineering Ltd does track engineering, railway engineering and railways. The people who work in and run the company are railway engineers and technical staff, and railwaymen and women.

Inherited from its predecessor, Western Track Engineering, is the objective of providing a genuinely useful and welcomed, first choice service supplier for Main Contractors, Railway Infrastructure Companies and Train Operators. Our aim is to supply the best staff to get your job right first time, safely, at lowest cost and to avoid very expensive re-working.

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We use our own technology to expose and remove unnecessary bureaucracy, manufactured obstacles or presented complexities. An essential in our approach is to de-complicate things, to get a clean and clear focus on the output and results required by the client companies we work with. We use IT to aid basic, simple and proven engineering and railway principles, although people are in charge : not the computers. We try to help the railway avoid building a complexity that ends up compromising that which the railway set out to achieve.

The ultimate customers are the Train Companies, who provide a service to fare paying travellers and freight users. With that fact uppermost, we know that successful engineering made that service possible years ago and that successful engineering is essential now and into the future.

Technical & Project Engineering
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Railway P.Way Engineers and Graded Technical Staff:

To work with you, on your site or base. Hire for either one shift or longer-term.

24/7 P.Way Technical Call-Line Reference Service:

Real time technical advisory and guidance from engineers qualified and widely experienced in track renewals and maintenance works.

Safety Critical Staff
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On-Track and Trackside Sub-Contractor:

For a range of works outside of framework contracts and requiring intelligent and technical self-sufficiency to undertake the work. Examples are Site Investigation, drainage works, small works designs, track maintenance, installation.

Project Planners
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Planners and/or hired Planning Service:

For Track Renewals, Track Maintenance, Plant Operations, Annual programme through to Site detail planning. Train Planning and Resources planning. We can work with you, for you or take on a package of Planning and bring it back completed.