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Project Planning

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Planners and/or Hired Planning Service

* Planning Engineers.
* Possession Planners.
* Engineering Works Planners
* Annual Programme (Renewals or Maintenance)
* Track Renewals site planning
* Track Maintenance planning
* Civils works in possessions planning
* Staging Plans
* Resources Planning
* Logic Charts
* Possession Train Planning (incl NROL3)
* Possessions and Worksite Planning (incl PPS)
* Tamper and Tamping Planning.
* National Railway, Underground or Other Railways.
* We understand the physical work, why it is needed, how it’s done, how long it takes, the trains, plant and possessions needed and costs.
* Individuals to assist your planning
* Complete planning packages undertaken by our Planning Section

Safety Critical Staff

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* P.Way Supervisory Managers with a hard earned experience of being adept at managing track relaying sites, site staff, plant and getting the job done.

* Engineering Supervisors with more knowledge than the basic Rule Book requirements – who understand very well the work processes, train and possession planning in order to operate intelligently with other key site personnel.

* COSS certified staff who properly organise and lead track gangs and work groups. This grade is THE most key first line of management to run safe and productive operations. We employ COSSs who see their job only just starting at giving a proper safety briefing.

* On-Track staff available to hire on a single shift or on longer term working partnership with your permanent Site Managers and Project Managers.

Track-Side and Sub-Contracted Works

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* Self-sufficient, tooled up and intelligently organised, supervised and technically led Track Gangs to undertake defined Works at a fixed price.

* Sub-Contract complete service to undertake works that do not easily fit into existing Framework Contracts. For example – Site Investigations, Ballast Return Analysis Testing for renewals site ballast cleaning, Drainage investigation and overhaul/installation, Small Works Designs, Snagging Works, Track Maintenance, extended TBI site investigations, Trial holes/pits for structure or other below track features and IRJ works.

* Principal Contractors and Network Rail frequently end up absorbing a hidden cost in money, time and people resource in managing, technically organising, planning and supervising hired labour. We can help to avoid this.

Technical & Project Engineering

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Railway P.Way Engineers & Graded Technical Staff

* Engineers widely experienced in Track Renewals and Track Maintenance
* Technical Staff graded TO, STO and PTO – appropriate to and for the level, complexity and responsibility of the work : pre-site works, on site and post-site works. Stressing, Tamping, Surveying, Setting out, Track Monitoring, Technical Documentation and much more.
* Contractors Responsible Engineers
* Speed Raising L1 to L4.
* Track Inspections.
* Design of Temporary Speed Restrictions.
* Available to work with you for a single shift or longer term.
* All our staff are backed up and supported by our Company : not merely supplied as agency workers.

24/7 Technical Call Line Service

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* Real time support and technical advice from experienced Engineer, at any time.

* Call Line service for our own staff, your staff and your other contract staff.

* Assurance of correct technical decisions and actions – to avoid very expensive errors and re-working. Stressing, design tamping, excavation control : the lot! No other Company offers this service.

* Engineers widely experienced in Track Renewals and Track Maintenance