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TRMs: Track Relaying Machines

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Track Engineering has two Plasser TRMs, which will shortly be available for track renewals and other crane duties.

* Panel out/panel in relaying : fastest means of relaying and most economical use of possession time.
* Possession taken around TRM, so work starts immediately.
* S&C refurbishments.
* ALO compliant (by original design, rather than after-market fit used on RRVs)
* Tandem machine working : 120ft sections out and in. Nothing can beat this for speed of track out and in on any renewal/re-ballast.
* Auto Bales
* TRMs achieve accurate sleeper spacing (RRV + 7 sleeper beam mostly place at wrong/irregular spacings)
* Very high Availability/Reliability (RAMS evaluation).
* Versatile crane duty for rail offloading, rail/scrap removal to access point (avoids time consuming and expensive) cutting to short lengths on site.
* Carry in/out smaller plant for renewals eg triple whacker, welders’ kit, clipping equipment, McCullochs.
* OHLE mast and gantry support machine.